The Things Some Rugby Clubs Collect!

The Things Some Rugby Clubs Collect!

10 June 2015

A visit to the Carmarthen Athletic Club in west Wales is well worthwhile. I did it in 2015. The collection of jerseys and memorabilia is famous throughout the rugby world. The club's unique boot collection was started by the President Gwynne King Morgan back in the 1960s. He approached members of the 1967 All Blacks who, because of an outbreak of foot and mouth disease were not allowed to take their boots home. Mr King swooped - and Colin Meads's pair - with an autographed card still attached - proudly still sits there.

There are hundreds of other pairs there too all with signed good wishes from famous players of all countries to the Carmarthen Club. The glass-walls also present an excellent collection of memorabilia from other sports too. Its a great place to stop in as I did and enjoy typical Welsh rugby hospitality.

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