Danie Craven did it best

Danie Craven wasn't the first to specialise with this halfback's pass - but he was the best!

Danie Craven did it best

16 August 2014

Is this the best photograph ever taken of a rugby dive-pass? If it's not then show me a better one. This is the great Danie Craven playing for South Africa v New Zealand in the third test match of 1937 at Eden Park in Auckland. Some old historians claim Craven 'invented' the dive-pass for a halfback in the 1930s but in fact it was first used to best effect by an earlier Springbok half, by the name of Dauncie Devine - in the South African team which played New Zealand in South Africa in 1928.

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  • 4 October 2014 (9 years ago)



    Great shot of a great man.I had the pleasure of meeting him in 1991 during a trip to South Africa. I was staying with a family in Cape Town and jokingly suggested I would love to meet Mr Craven. They looked him up in the phone book,rang and he said come out to Stellenbosch University, where I spent an hour chatting to him in his office. A cherished memory as he passed away not too many years later.