Sporting Quotes

Joh Bjelke-Peterson: Premier of Queensland 1968-87

'The greatest thing that can happen to the state of Queensland and the nation of Australia would be if and when we get rid of the media. Then we would live in peace and tranquility - but no one would know anything!.'

Scottish rugby star of the 1920s George Macpherson

From the Scottish rugby star of the 1920s; 'It doesn't matter in any game of rugby how many points the opposition scores, as long as we score more!'

Red Smith - Great American Sportswriter

'Young men have visions, old men have dreams.'

From a (so far unidentified) Scottish rugby writer

'Scientists now say there are two things you can see from outer space; the Great Wall of China and the holes in the Scottish rugby team's backline defence.'

One part of Jock Hobbs' rugby philosophy

When rugby teams still gather in a huddle at halfway after they have run onto the field usually someone in the team can be seen talking away. But really, once you're on the field there's actually nothing left to say. You just have to get on with it!"

From American golfer Boo Weekley

When the new young golf star Jordan Spieth, in the 2014 Masters Golf tournament, had played fearlessly throughout, showing no nerves, Weekley said; "That kid ain't got no bills to pay, he ain't got no kids; When you're that young to him it's only all about the sport he's playing. You don't have to worry about nuthin' else!"

Japan 1987 T-Shirt

Seen regularly on Japanese supporters shirts in Australia during the 1987 Rugby World Cup; 'If you ain't got no guts, you don't get no glory!'

What are Sports Writers?

From the renowned American gonzo journalist Hunter S.Thompson: "Sportswriters are a rude and brainless subculture of fascist drunks,'

John Davies: 1964 New Zealand Olympic Athlete

'The (bronze) medal I won is fine, but it is only a souvenir. It's what you learn from the Olympics that is most important.'

Brian O'Driscoll

"It's 45 minutes after the game right now and I still don't want to take this jersey off. That's because I know that when I do it'll be for the last time..."

Brian O'Driscoll, the Irish and British Lions centre three-quarter - reacting philosophically for the media after his 140th, and last, game of international rugby, in Paris 16th March 2014.

Alan Jones - Australian broadcaster and rugby coach

(Before his 1984 Wallaby team played their last international heading towards winning a Grand Slam in Great Britain): 'In life there are four things which don't come back; a speeding arrow, the spoken word, time, and a neglected opportunity.'

An old rugby expression (which I think I first read in Australia)

'Of the five most useless things there are in the world; three of them would be the cheers we do for the ref at the end of any game!'

Vince Karalius - Tough Great Britain rugby league player (1958-63)

Spoken with his strong north of England accent; 'On the field you gives it, you takes it, and yer doon't fookin' groomble!'

Jacques Rogge - 8th President of the IOC

When speaking about his time as an international rugby player: 'In my country (Belgium), if you sit beside the phone long enough, it will ring and you will be invited to play rugby for Belgium!'

Rolfe Humphries - From his 1942 poem 'Polo Grounds.'

'Time is of the essence,

The crowd and players

Are the same age always,

But the man in the stand,

Is older every season.'

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