Sporting Quotes

Possibly by Richie Benaud (or was it Billy Birmingham?)

Either way it's a good quote; 'When a cricketer gets hit in the private parts, he hopes the pain will go away very soon but the swelling doesn't!'

The BBC's Jim Neilly on his definition of what makes a sports commentator

'Those who can play

'Those who can't play

'Those who can't coach ... write

'And those who can't write - become commentators!'

The Motto of the Fan Club of BBC Motor-Racing Commentator Murray Walker (nicknamed 'Muddly Talker')

'Unless I am very much mistaken...I AM very much mistaken...!'

Former Kiwi Racing and TV personality of the 1980s Glyn Tucker

'A smile is the light in your face which tells people your heart is at home!'

Great golfer Arnold Palmer

'Winning isn't everything; but wanting to IS!'

Seen on a 2014 Australian tee-shirt

'Yes, I AM drunk again, but I'm not an alcoholic; I only have a drink every time Richie McCaw is offside!'

Phillip Adams from 'Oz Wit' edition 16 August 2014

Writing about the Government in power in Australia in 2014; "Fumble, Bumble, Tumble, Stumble and Mumble. This Abbot Government embraces all the 'Umbles - except Humble!"

An anonymous quote - which could apply to any sport

"Don't be afraid to go out on a limb, often that's where the best fruit is found!"

This from 1950s ex-English rugby player Peter Robbins;

"Welsh rugby players, if not born, are certainly conceived on a rugby field!"

From the good old days of rugby

"They used to say the two most important players in any rugby team were the tighthead prop and the reserve tighthead prop!"

Dame Kiri Te Kanawa

'In New Zealand rugby comes first, rugby comes second, rugby comes third, fourth, fifth and sixth.'

Chelsea Soccer Player (in the 1970s) after visiting the Great Wall of China

'After you've seen one wall, you've seen 'em all!'

Legendary Cricket commentator John Arlott

'We take life too lightly and sport too seriously.'

English comedian and famous drunk Tommy Cooper

'I'm on a whiskey diet, I've lost three days already!'

Poet Rod McKuen

'When you lose something the journey back is longer than the forward run.'

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