Sporting Quotes

Dame Edna Everage

Some wisdom here from one of Australia's great mythical 'sporting' characters; 'The truth is deafening, no matter how softly it is spoken.'

From the great ex-Welsh captain Cliff Morgan

'Rugby is a nonsense, but a very serious nonsense.'

Jack Gibson - Australian rugby league coach/writer/broadcaster

His simple philosophy for sporting success; 'Winning Starts on Monday.'

One I heard myself while standing on the sidelines

On the eve of Pontypool v New Zealand in 1989, i jotted down the simple philosophy of how Pontypool coach John Perkins wanted his team to mentally approach their big upcoming game; 'Boys, you've to live it, eat it, sleep it and shit it if you want to win!'

An American baseball expression (which could apply to any sport)

"Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, sometimes it rains.' (from the film 'Bull Durham')

From Winston Churchill - at election time

' win by one is enough.'

Winston Churchill on predicting (sporting) things

'Always avoid prophesying on things beforehand; it's a much better policy to prophesy after the event has taken place.'   

Knute Rockne, coach Notre Dame in the 1940s

'If winning isn't everything why bother to keep the score?'

Billy Aitken - hardcase New Zealand jockey of the 1960s

'As your reputation gets bigger, the gaps and chances to go through them get smaller.'

From ex-Wallaby Peter FitzSimons

'A rugby tour is like sex. When its good it's great, and when it's bad - hey! It's still pretty good!'

A general life philosophy from Winston Churchill

'I'd rather spend half an hour in the company of a top carpenter, than three hours in the company of an average brain surgeon'

West Indian cricket great Clive Lloyd

...when thinking about retirement; 'When your eyes go, and your legs go, and your fans go; then it's time for you to go too.'

An American baseball saying

'Often when a team is at the bottom, there's something wrong at the top.'

Sir John Mahaffy - Irish scholar and wit (1839-1919)

'In Ireland the inevitable never happens but the unexpected constantly does.'

Wally Lewis - Australian rugby league superstar.

Talking about the 1988 World Cup rugby league final on Eden Park in Auckland; 'When the Kiwis ran onto the field we could see the poor bastards were shitting themselves.' Sydney Morning Herald 24 November 1992.

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