To 1995 Tongan rugby International and now TV commentator Willie Los'e

This Ten Questions idea is to ask a leading rugby personality; either a player, or from the the media or an administrator some questions which may prompt a response from them which we have not heard of before;

Here is an example of what one can achieve in one's 'post-rugby' life through perseverance and concentration. I first got to know Willie when his international rugby days from Auckland and North Harbour in New Zealand were over and he was nearing the end of eight years of playing in Japan. He had played for his native Tonga at the 1995 Rugby World Cup and had had a 'good life' from the game. From my early conversations with him I learned that he  was heading towards a crossroads in his life. What to do next?

Apparently the idea of broadcasting came into his horizon. He had a stint at the microphone with us in the very early years of the IRB Sevens World Series in Japan (in 2000 I think) and maybe that was the taster. Soon Willie was back in New Zealand and committed to attending a Broadcasting School in Wellington. From there his pass marks took him into stints, firstly on radio in Auckland on NewsTalk ZB and more latterly as a full-time commentator on Super 15, ITM Cup and more IRB Sevens events on Sky TV in New Zealand and in many parts of the world. This genial character, sometimes the life and soul of the party, is also in demand as an after-dinner speaker and gym instructor.

My thanks to Willie for his willingness to open up to 'Ten Questions' on

Who were your heroes in sport when you were growing up?

The great Auckland and All Black winger Bryan Williams was one. I really loved watching 'BeeGee' play. But I grew up out in West Auckland and there was a massive Rugby League following out that way then. So I loved seeing those brilliant Kiwi outside backs Dane O'Hara and Fred Ah Khoi play too.

Not counting where you live now; is there a favourite other place on earth you would like to live in?

Vancouver in Canada I think is one of the nicest cities in the world. I've been there recently and loved it. It has a lot of similarities to NZ.

Is there a trait in your personality that you do not like?

I'm really not sure. Am I the best person to ask?

What is the trait you most deplore in others?

I totally deplore all the backstabbing there seems to be too much of in life. I also hate, can I say - gutless wonders!? You know what I mean.

Do you have a great fear or superstition of anything?

Not really although in my playing days I would always put on my left sock first. I never quite knew why!

In all your life what do you consider your greatest and most proud achievement?

Firstly, I'll go for two of my very proudest moments? That's easy. Becoming a dad for the first and second time were days I will never forget. Then in a rugby sense playing my first test at the Rugby World Cup in South Africa in 1995. It was Tonga v France at Loftus Versfeld Ground in Pretoria. I cried right through the Tongan National anthem - I just wished and wished my parents had been still alive to have been there.

What is your most treasured possession?

It's a piece of art I commissioned to be painted for one of New Zealand's best beaches in the far north. And the lovely house I designed on the water in which the painting sits.

What is your idea of perfect happiness?

Being with mates, friends and family with lots of love and laughter......Perfect!

What is something that you feel you haven't yet achieved in your life?

I have yet to attend a Commonwealth Games or Olympics but I hope to achieve either or both of those over the next four years. Now that I'm fully into my broadcasting career those two are the 'biggies.'

What has been a kind of 'motto' that has got you through life - to where you are today?

I've always liked the little expression I heard first years ago; 'Put your hand Up not out.' I reckon that has worked for me.