Colin Meads forgotten? Never!

9 August 2014


With the merging of the two previously rival Rugby Halls of Fame it now means that the oversight (well that's been my view for eight years or so) of Colin Meads of New Zealand not being recognised by the International Rugby Board has been corrected.

When the privately-owned International Rugby Hall of Fame started in 1997 Meads was one of the 'First XV' inducted in London. But when the IRB began their own Hall of Fame nine years later, there was seemingly no place anywhere for Meads. That was even though he was voted New Zealand's 'Player of the Century' by the New Zealand public in 1999 and had been Knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in 2009.

In the meantime well over 100 other individual players, officials, coaches, teams and media from all over the world had been inducted. But no Meads!

Though no one was ever given a reason it has now been rectified, albeit at a late time in the great New Zealander's life.

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