One Wellington man's views about the woes about the State of the Game in NZ

3 October 2014

Hi Keith, I can't believe how bad Wellington is and Auckland, despite some of their wins are not much better and even Canty has gone into a tail-spin. I believe there is a reason for this which none of the present cheer leading media can deduce.

First of all the Rugby Union puts all its focus on the All Blacks, and plays them at the same time as the ITM Cup. Imagine what Wellington would be like if more regularly it had Jane, Savea, Smith, Nonu, Perenara, Thrush and Coles.

It's also suffered a lot of injuries with players having no time to recover from the S15 because, again the NZRU's fault, they allow that competition to go on too long. So Wellington is without A Savea, Toomaga-Allen and Goodes. Similarly, look at Canterbury, with no first fives because the ABs take fringe players into their squad like Slade and Taylor, who hasn't even stripped for the ABs has he? And of course the constantly injured Carter.

I've liked the rise of Taranaki and Tasman in the ITM Cup, and Manawatu too, but it's partly due to the NZRU having lowered the standard of provincial rugby. It might be a more level playing field but it is also a recipe for mediocrity.

Oh well keep smiling; I'm trying to. (Name withheld by request) (messages sent to )

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  • 8 October 2014 (10 years ago)



    Firstly Keith, let me say how I have grown up as a rugby fan and in my mind Quinn and Rugby go hand in hand. Congratulations on the excellent new site. I will be a constant visitor.

    My comment is in regards to the inaugural Jock Hobbs Under 19 tournament,currently under way in Taupo.
    I am a Manawatu supporter of all levels of rugby. Great to see young men on the national stage that I have watched in school boy sides throughout the years. A large number of boys did not make the 1st XV so again good to see that hardwork and perseverance still pays off.
    Hopefully this tournament will lead to opportunities for many to further their careers.
    One concern is the number of scouts who may use this as an opportunity to hoover up talent from outside their own area, drop them in a bigger pool and let them sink or swim.
    My major passion is the Manawatu Turbos and the big percentage of locals in our side.
    I much prefer to watch people in the Green and White who have come through our system and not try and import a team each year.
    Otere Black, Jamie Booth, Jade Te Rure, Nehe Milner-Skudder are just a few examples of this.
    Our Under 19's will contain the next crop of the above, if we get a chance to keep them.

    Keep up the great work