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25 November 2017

From time to time there are those rugby fans who nostalgically reflect on their time in the game; and they do it by the magic of poetry. You will find some memorable efforts on this website. This latest one comes from James Simpson of New Zealand who clearly remembers with enormous affection his days of playing in the hooking position - and his enormous respect for others who did so too.

The Ace In The Pack

He hangs between two henchmen all Cauliflower ears,

Knuckles and boots their stock-in-trade

Their most sociable act is sculling their beers

No lovers of high debate


For free thought is something found in the North

No need for it way down here

Our traditions and rituals rule the way we go forth

We act without fancy or fear


No video ref nor rulings from touch

We fix faults off our own bat

Our answer to those who doth protesteth too much

Is to 'Take that and that and that.'


Some say a fine mind marks a man out

For life as a great physician

But a fine mind will only cause doubt

When playing the hookers position


Diagnostic skills the pundits go on

Are traits more fitting a back

But those in the know in the front row club

Say such powers are much prized in the pack


Tho’ strong arms and thick skulls when put to the test

Are assets that front rowers like

And tho’  he had them as well we’ll remember him best

For the snakelike speed of his strike


And we’ll also remember in years to come

Like Anzacs from warfare and strife

The attitudes forged in the heat of the scrum

Will last you the rest of your life.


James Simpson 

Wellington, New Zealand

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