Referees haven't always stayed neutral!

17 July 2014

Referees haven't always stayed neutral!

In a letter I found at home recently this short bit of refereeing whimsy was passed on down to me by the late, great writer Sir Terry ('T.P') McLean. Terry was commenting to me about referees in general and recalled that in the 1920s during the great Hawkes Bay Ranfurly Shield era, the top local whistle-man was a man called Bill O'Neill.

In those days 'home' referees controlled the games when visiting teams came to challenge for the famous trophy. In one challenge the visiting team was ever so slightly alarmed to hear Bill O'Neill when he had called a scrum, say out loud, 'OK boys, we'll scrum it here...and it's our ball in !'

Its a short piece which I publish here just because I can!




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