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I always travel with a notebook to jot down the hard case or significant sporting stories I hear. My thinking is - 'these are too good to lose.' This website is a perfect place for me to publish them.

Who Said Men can Only do one Thing at a Time?

16 August 2014

On a recent away rugby trip (to Nanjing for the Summer Youth Olympic Games rugby sevens) a group of us were sitting around, like reporters do, having a drink and chewing the chat. During the course of the conversation I picked up two or three great stories - all of which will be drip-fed into this 'yarns' selection on the www.keithquinnrugby.com website. Read more »

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Peter Fatialofa tells the Truth!

10 August 2014

Another Peter Fatialofa story; this one from well-known New Zealand author, columnist and broadcaster Phil Gifford. Read more »

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Let Jonah Lomu tell his own story

6 August 2014

From an interview Jonah did for the IRB's World of Rugby TV show. Read more »

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Referees haven't always stayed neutral!

17 July 2014

Referees haven't always stayed neutral! Read more »

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One Ref's Mantra

17 July 2014

I liked this story which was told to me by a local New Zealand referee who swore that this is how he tried to get his message across before every (lower grade) game he ever had the privilege to control. Read more »

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Ian Wells - Performing on Stage?

17 June 2014

I liked this about athletes adapting to any conditions in an attempt to practice to get better in one's chosen sport. This story was told at the funeral of well-known Wellington and New Zealand Sports administrator Ian Wells in early 2014 by Ian's life-long sporting friend Ian Christison. Read more »

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A Manu Samoa story - True or False?

5 June 2014

The Manu Samoa rugby team burst into the world scene in 1991 with a stunning entry into the second Rugby World Cup. Read more »

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Never give up

1 June 2014

This is an example of never giving up in sports; Read more »

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The Best Example of 'how to do a TV commentary.'

14 July 1969

I suppose this story only has a vague connection with sport and television. I mention it here because many times in my lifetime of working in the medium of TV commentary I have heard people try to tell me, and other commentators, just 'how it (TV commentary) should be done!' Read more »

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