Why Can't they have games like this any more?

Why Can't they have games like this any more?

4 January 2015

I know this is technically not a 'favourite photo' - but I love it all the same. I can't resist putting this programme cover up on site from my home collection. I do it under the heading of 'will we ever see games like this EVER again in modern rugby?" (ie; a real 'minnow' rugby union against a rugby 'powerhouse.') This classic was from the 1968 All Blacks tour of Australia. It was the second game of a 12 match tour and New Zealand won 74-0.

It was the first time 'Tazzy' had played a major touring team.

The first rugby in Tasmania was played as an exhibition by two teams of New Zealand sailors off a visiting naval vessel in 1926. The Tasmanian Rugby Union was formed in 1933. In its first 80 years no Tasmanian had ever made Wallaby status.

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