Another Holiday Highlight 2015

Another Holiday Highlight 2015

15 May 2015

If you are in England and near the town of Rugby in Warwickshire it really behoves you to pay a visit, right? So this year I did and after a night in the nearby village of Dunchurch a visit to Rugby on its Market Day was a must - and fun.

Every shop and stall had a rugby 'sign' outside it. I took a lot of shots which may or may not be used sometime - but in the end all visitors like me are drawn to the impressive Rugby School, right in the centre of town. Here it is said the young scholar William Webb Ellis spoiled a football game by 'picking up the ball and running with it' in 1823. Thus the idea of the game of the Rugby's Games Rules were started.

The statue in the street was put in place for the 1999 Rugby World Cup and these days is a popular tourist attraction. I had to wait while a film crew did a 'piece to camera' but then it was my time... A nice souvenir followed.

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