2014 All Black tour Diary

In November 2014 for Williment's Sports Tours, along with my wife Anne, I traveled to the UK leading a rugby supporters tour group on the the All Blacks tour. Here is a tour diary.

7th and 8th Day  in Nanjing

7th and 8th Day in Nanjing

20 August 2014

And so the Rugby 7s at the these 2014 Summer Youth Olympic Games simply raced over another two days to its conclusion today. No time for me to write a diary yesterday but here goes, back in the hotel now that the whole thing is over. Read more »

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Fifth & Sixth day in Nanjing

18 August 2014

Nanjing Diary Day Five and Day Six Read more »

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Fourth Day in Nanjing

16 August 2014

Some Random thoughts at the end of the build up days here in Nanjing as we reflect on what we know about this place and settle down for the broadcast experience ahead at the Second Summer Youth Olympic Games. Read more »

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Third day in Nanjing

15 August 2014

Today (Friday 15th August in Nanjing) - I report on our first serious eating experience in this great city. How did we fare? Read on...its was a *verrry* interesting experience! Read more »

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Second day in Nanjing

'Youth' Commentators in Nanjing; From left; Warren Boland (Brisbane), Keith Quinn (NZ) and John Burgess (England)

Second day in Nanjing

14 August 2014

Today (Thursday 14th August in Nanjing) was a day to acclimatise to life for the best part of the next three weeks in this huge Chinese city. Nanjing is the sixth largest city in this massive country with its population a mere 8.2 million! Read more »

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First day in Nanjing

13 August 2014

You all know probably what a long flight is like. Today's from Wellington-Auckland-Guangzhou-Nanjing was little different to the norm. Tedious boredom, bad movies (surprisingly), not much sleep, food OK and a rush from terminal to terminal not really sure if I was headed in the right direction. Read more »

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