Sporting Quotes

The sad loss of comedian and actor Robin Williams recalls what he said when he first set eyes on Jonah Lomu

'My God, look at the size of this man! Quick! Tell the other villagers we're going back to the boats!'

John Singleton - Australian media tycoon

'The worst thing you can say about any bloke is that he doesn't drink, smoke or go to the races.'

Henry Wordsworth Longfellow

...well it could apply to sport!;

'Lives of great men all remind us,

we can make our lives sublime,

and departing leave behind us

footprints in the sands of time.'

Rene Benesis - French rugby hooker 1969-74

'Rugby has opened many doors for me and it widened my horizons. I am heavily indebted to the game. I repay that debt in 80 minute installments by playing with all my heart; hoping that I will never betray the game's true spirit.'

Pierre Danos - French halfback 1954-60

When asked to define the physical differences between those who play rugby, simply said; 'In rugby there are those who play the piano - and those who shift them'

Times and attitudes have changed in rugby

In 1934 when the Welsh fullback Vivian Jenkins became the first fullback to score a try in a test match the 'Western Mail' newspaper in Cardiff headlined the next day; 'Is this good for rugby?'

From the great American Baseball hero Satchel Paige

'In sport don't ever look back - someone might be gaining on you!'

From the great American baseball hero Satchel Paige

'Age is mind over matter; if you don't mind, it don't matter.'

Australian cricketer Barry Jarman

When talking about a big hit, (and it could apply to a big kick); 'When it's in the slot, give it the lot!'

Soccer great Eric Cantona

'Without spontaneity in any sport, you cannot succeed.'

More from ex-Wallaby Peter FitzSimons

'Before every game he played Willie Ofahengaue would pray. But it to us it was never clear whether he prayed for himself or for the safety of the opposition!'

General Robert E. Lee (it could apply to sport)

'Ideas are easy to conceive, less easy to execute.'

English Country Expression

'Live like you'll die tomorrow; farm like you'll live forever!'

Alex Wyllie in his very tough coaching years!

'There are only two excuses you can use for missing rugby training - death and docking!'

Old Burmese Proverb

'If you take big paces, you leave big spaces.'

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