A Momentum Shift for New Zealand Rugby?

10 August 2014

Gee I hope not! New Zealand rugby's trophy cabinet used to bulge with silver and gold cups, with other assorted medals and golden glories scattered about randomly, to the point where no one at the NZ Rugby Union offices had the time or inclination to collate or sort out the stuff - there was so much of it!

But here we are in 2014 and the cabinet doors have been thrown open and under our noses (and perhaps while we were all in the dark) other countries are sneaking in to plunder some of our best goodies.

Consider the list; In just a few months gone is the Commonwealth Games sevens glory - snatched was the Under 20s  proud record - pinched is the Super 15 title - and now our Black Ferns in France are out of the Women's Rugby World Cup! That's four biggies in a very short space of time.

Check the locks Mr Tew - call Security and check that sure the trophies that remain are locked up tight - or else more might go. Like that cumbersome Bledisloe Cup. Are those Aussies ready next weekend to hatch a plan to go all smash and grab with that one too!

Someone say out loud - it ain't gonna happen!


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