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Here - Get This! selects a 'Pom' All Black team!

6 November 2014


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Time Again to pay Tribute to My #1 Broadcast hero Winston McCarthy

26 October 2014

When I was a skinny kid growing up in the King Country the national radio rugby commentator Winston McCarthy was as well known in our country as the All Blacks themselves or other newsworthy personalities like the Prime Minister, the Governor-General or Olympic athletes. Winston became my broadcast hero... Read more »

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Has our media forgotten? Aaron Cruden has a bit of late night 'form' too.

22 September 2014

All of this 'media speak' about the Aaron Cruden late night drinking incident in Auckland last weekend already smacks of not everything about its background being told to we of the rugby public. While it could be said - do we fans have a right to know the full facts - I for one would like to think the full facts ought to come out. They would have in the old days of the media. Now it seems everyone, both NZRU and the media, are often together in on a game of 'shoosh - if we only whisper about this, it won't be as bad as it might be.' Read more »

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Still a Lot of Questions over the planned Samoa-NZ test Next Year.

10 September 2014

Silly me. I know I should be totally delighted that the All Blacks and Samoa have agreed to play a rugby test in Samoa in July 2015 (and I am) but I heard and saw so many comments from the press conference comments in Wellington which still leave me doubtful that the New Zealand Rugby Union is REALLY as committed, as much as they say, to rugby in the Pacific. Read more »

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Forget yachting and the Olympics for a moment; Rugby Is going to miss PJ Montgomery too!

Peter ('PJ') Montgomery at Eden Park before his last sideline commentary test rugby broadcast.

Forget yachting and the Olympics for a moment; Rugby Is going to miss PJ Montgomery too!

2 September 2014

While I was away in Nanjing in mid-August I gather the media in New Zealand radio and rugby gave Pete Montgomery of Newstalk ZB in Auckland a good send off at the end of his sports broadcasting career. Read more »

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Let's Make Sure Guy Fawkes is Banned from all future Rugby Tests!

26 August 2014

At last some outright commonsense is coming into the pre-match presentation at rugby tests in New Zealand. While it is all very well to be wise after the event there was never any place for bloody great bombs going off at the end of the challenge laid down before the recent tests after the All Black's haka. Read more »

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