Peter Fatialofa tells the Truth!

10 August 2014

Another Peter Fatialofa story; this one from well-known New Zealand author, columnist and broadcaster Phil Gifford.

As Phil tells it; 'One time Peter and I were both speaking at the same sports dinner. In Peter's speech he also decided to hark back to the great win by Samoa over Wales in 1991 at the Rugby World Cup. He told the dinner; 'When I gave my final team talk to the boys before the game that day I told them I myself was prepared to do anything for victory in the game, 'to break an arm, break a leg or even break my neck in order to win.'

Phil Gifford said the sincerity of Peter's speech went down really well with the dinner crowd.

But when the two men were driving to the airport afterwards Fats leaned over to Phil and whispered, 'You know I wasn't completely honest with that speech back there. When I said that I had told the team I was prepared to break an arm or a leg or my neck to win, well, I was bullshitting about the neck!'

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  • 2 July 2015 (9 years ago)


    I love that story about Peter when late in his Super 14 career, he was asked whether there was any truth to the story that he was going to play his final year in Otago.

    He said " No, I'm an Islander...not a Highlander!"