Look Who's Back - A Man we can Never Forget!

Look Who's Back - A Man we can Never Forget!

26 July 2019

I've got to say I really like this 2019 picture of a familiar 1970s ex-All Black player, who then became an All Black coach and then Argentina's international coach. The man in the frame of course is Alex 'Grizz' Wyllie of North Canterbury, New Zealand. This freeze-frame of the tough and rugged number eight forward is from a TV commercial he is involved with in 2019. The product he is endorsing is 'Wet and Forget' a cleaning product which removes household 'gunge' from homes, decks or roofs. Wyllie does a great job in it I reckon. 

In Alex's playing days when he had a huge public profile I had an advertising mate who wrote a little ditty which was turned into an unpublished party song. In it there was a line which went 'With a face like granite, is he from another planet - that's Wyllie! Grizz Wyllie!'

I think you might agree with me nothing much has changed in terms of that facial expression! But good luck to Grizz - I hope the product is selling well!

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