A holiday around the world in 2015 produced this one classic 'Rubbishy' Rugby photo.

A holiday around the world in 2015 produced this one classic 'Rubbishy' Rugby photo.

4 January 2016

On this holiday, after leaving New Zealand, my dear wife kind of 'banned' any rugby activities taking place. I went along with her demands. I had to go I guess. This was to be a trip, she said, for us to do other stuff, like visiting friends and sightseeing. Perhaps even some shopping! But one day on the English part of the visit we found ourselves passing through the quiet Warwickshire town of Rugby. You know it, the little place where Willam Webb Ellis reputedly started the game by picking up the Rugby ball and running with it. According to the rules of our holiday I could not demand to visit any of the famous Rugby tourist sights there. Basically after a shot taken on the outer walls of Rugby School (well you can't miss it, it's right in the centre of town, and the picture I took there is also on this 'favourites' section.) we went looking for a cup of tea.

We found one all right and very enjoyable it was. But in the lane where the tea shop was situated I could not resist the pic opportunity of getting a unique memory of the visit captured. There right in front of the shop was an expression of 'Rugby' I had not seen or thought of before!

So here it is - your website author in front of a rubbishy shot about the game  - which is part of one man's record of a lifetime of being interested in the simple game which started in a small village where 30 men learned to eventually follow a bouncing ball.





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